Vote Yes On Measure Z

Tuesday is election day.  I encourage you all to vote. 

For those in Fresno County, I encourage you to vote YES on Measure Z.  This ballot measure retains the one-penny-on-ten-dollars tax that sustains and improves the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.  Ten years ago the zoo was in dire straits.  It was close to losing its AZA accreditation.  Attendance was low.  Exhibits were dismal. 

Sparked by the 9 year old, Angel Arrellano, Measure Z has been a huge success.  The zoo has been revitalized.  Attendance is nearly 700,000 per year and growing.  Animals are better cared-for.  Their habitats are better for the animals and visitors.  Exhibits are spectacular.  Construction has provided many good paying jobs in our community.  Educational opportunities abound. 

The success of Measure Z is real and can be seen in any visit to the zoo.  But the vision is not yet complete.  The African Adventure exhibit will be another world-class exhibit.  Large animals will return to Fresno.  The zoo will continue to be a place where this community can, at an affordable price, enjoy an unbelievable zoo experience.  All it takes is one penny on each $10 you spend. 

Join with me on voting YES on Measure Z!