Vote For "La Wendy"--Worst Political Support Song Ever Written

Democratic LA mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel has received heavy union support compared to fellow democratic candidate Eric Garcetti.

In perhaps the worst demonstration of political support the LA hotel workers union wrote and sang a song urging citizens to vote for "la Wendy". Union officials translated the Spanish lyrics into English. Here's a portion of the words:

"If for la Wendy you want to vote

Get in the car and let's have fun.

And for la Wendy to win

All Latinos got to have her back.

If you want to earn $15 an hour

You have to march for la Wendy.

If the blond comes to your door

Open the door and let her in.

Wendy, la Wendy we're gonna vote.

$15 an hour we'll make.

Wendy, la Wendy we're gonna dance.

Eric Garcetti start crying.

From Montecito to Huntington Park

Passing El Sereno, eating tamales

And the voters for you will fight.

We'll have extra money to spend.

The people will support you.

That's why the blond will triumph.

In the truck we'll celebrate

With the mariachis we'll sing

Her last name is difficult to sing

That's why we're writing this rhyme.

La Wendy, Los Angeles you will change

And the Latino vote will crown you."