Claim Avoidance

At Fishman Larsen & Callister (FLC), we have developed strategies to help employers avoid litigation with their employees. Lawsuits are targeted and expensive. 

An employer’s first defense is implementing solid HR practices and policies to avoid claims.

FLC is experienced in the following areas: 

  • Development of personnel policies and handbooks
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment procedures and training
  • Maintaining at-will employment
  • Determining exempt status of employees
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Implementing workplace safety programs
  • Drug and alcohol screening programs
  • Protecting trade secrets and confidential business information
  • Reductions in force or terminations of employment
  • Analyzing independent contractor relationships
  • Compliance with wage and hour laws





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We recognize that even with implementing best HR practices, an employer still faces the risk of a lawsuit. 

FLC is experienced in litigation and can assist you in the event of a claim.  

  • Unlawful discrimination or harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Claims of unpaid wages, overtime or associated penalties
  • ERISA litigation
  • False Claims Act
  • Violation of privacy rights
  • Lawsuits filed in state or federal court
  • EEOC or DFEH investigations
  • Labor Commissioner proceedings
  • Workers’ compensation 132a petitions
  • Unemployment insurance hearings 


Affiliated HR Professionals

FLC has an association with Sierra HR Partners, a human resource consulting company.

Many of our clients use Sierra HR to assist with their hiring needs, training, and general human resource assistance.  

Having an experienced and certified human resource team, working with your law firm, can ease your administrative burdens and reduce or eliminate the potential of litigation.