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California's Tax Takers Await Day-by-Day Updates of Tax Proceeds

There's an interesting article in the L.A. Times about the hundreds of workers in Sacramento who are busy during tax season opening and sorting taxpayer checks.  The article had this gem of a paragraph:

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The Great California Exodus

Another great article in the weekend edition of the WSJ interviewing Joel Kotkin, who is an acclaimed demographer and self-professed "Truman Democrat".  Mr. Kotkin runs through a litany of California's ills that are driving away its middle class.

Here are just a few snippets:

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So what would an artist's depiction of a tax cut look like?

Artist Chad Person has put together a series of collages made from U.S. currency he has entitled "TaxCut".   Of course he deducts as a business expense all the currency he destroys as part of his art.

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