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The Great California Exodus

Another great article in the weekend edition of the WSJ interviewing Joel Kotkin, who is an acclaimed demographer and self-professed "Truman Democrat".  Mr. Kotkin runs through a litany of California's ills that are driving away its middle class.

Here are just a few snippets:

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So what would an artist's depiction of a tax cut look like?

Artist Chad Person has put together a series of collages made from U.S. currency he has entitled "TaxCut".   Of course he deducts as a business expense all the currency he destroys as part of his art.

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Interview with John Malos of MeTV Fresno: Tax Day

This morning I was a guest on the show "Connect With Me", which is a new show hosted by John Malos.  He invited me on on tax day, April 17th,  to discuss a whole host of tax related topics.  We even discussed Ron Paul's position to throw out the entire tax code!  John's a great host and is surrounded by a great crew.

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