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Formula Value Gifts--How to Make a Gift That is Essentially Audit Proof

"I hereby make a gift of a portion of my LLC interests worth $X to my son, BUT, if the IRS audits me and says that this gift is worth much more than $X, than I really gave much less of my LLC interests so that this gift will not incur gift tax."

While the above headline and gifting statement is an oversimplification, a recent Tax Court case, families using FLPs or FLLCs to make gifts to their children.

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So CA Legislators Won't Have Their Pay Cut--Prop 25 Rendered Toothless

Anytime a ballot initiative is written and supported by the legislature and proposes to "cut" legislature pay if no balanced budget is reached, be skeptical.

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Family Limited Partnerships Video Presentation

So I've toyed with the idea of creating short videos discussing various estate and tax planning techniques for quite some time.  I'm more of a visual learner myself and so I tried to figure out if I could create a video that would visually convey some key aspects of the various planning opportunities that are available.  My first video discusses how family limited partnerships can be used to transfer value in a business to your children while still retaining control and how to reap some pretty generous gift and estate tax benefits along the way.  The video is below.  I realize the productio

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California's Tax Takers Await Day-by-Day Updates of Tax Proceeds

There's an interesting article in the L.A. Times about the hundreds of workers in Sacramento who are busy during tax season opening and sorting taxpayer checks.  The article had this gem of a paragraph:

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