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How Often Can An Employer Harass Before It Becomes Unlawful?

An interesting question isn't it?  One court recently said that three times was not too much harassment in a 4-year period.  Brennan v. Townsend & O'Leary Enterprises, Inc.,

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Did You Ever Want To Sue Your Employee Or Ex-Employee?

That is exactly what Nicholas Labs did.  It sued its former employee, Christopher Chen, for competing with the company when he was in the company's employ.  The company concluded that Mr. Chen diverted business opportunities away from Nicholas Labs to his own business. 

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Oral Arguments Scheduled in Brinker

The Supreme Court has announced that on November 8, 2011, three years after taking the case, oral arguments will be held.  What the court does in this case will have substantial impact. 

The parties to the case can't even come to terms on the nature of the issues to be addressed by the court.  Of course, we are all very interested to learn whether an employer must ensure that an employee take his/her meal period or whether an employer complies with the law simply by making the meal period available to the employee. 

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Changes to Credit Checks in California

Over the past few years there has been substantial debate about the use of credit reports for employment purposes.  Many foes of the practice have contended that with the bad economy, skyrocketing medical bills and other economic woes, many people have bad credit yet can be good employees.  They argue that disqualifying applicants with bad credit will keep many people unemployed. 

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