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Arbitration Clauses: What to do When Current Employees Won’t Sign

My colleague, Travis Stokes, prepared this blog on arbitration agreements.  We often recommend that our clients use arbitration agreements with employees.  You can avoid a jury and the process is quicker and streamlined.  You can also stay out of the public eye. 

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What Does March Madness Cost You?

I am a BYU alumnus.  My team played Tuesday at 6 pm California time, after the workday.  By the way, BYU overcame the biggest deficit in NCAA tournament history -- 25 points and won. 

BYU is on TV, and the Internet (CBS Sports if you are interested) right now -- smack in the middle of the workday.  62 other teams play today and tomorrow and I guarantee your company has a few alums of the schools in the tournament.  But they won't be watching, right???  Wrong!

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Follow the Money

The California Supreme Court heard oral arguments a few days ago in Kirby v. Immoos Fire Protection, Inc.  Kirby claimed, among other things, that his employer did not provide rest periods, and therefore was liable for the one-hour of pay for each violation. 

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Do The Right Thing In The Right Way

One of my law school professors is credited with saying, "It's not enough to do the right thing.  One must do the right thing in the right way."  What great advice in life and in the workplace.  I was reminded of this adage after an event I watched where a person with very strong feelings criticized another over issues that were in part minor and in part not the other person's fault.  I was pleased to see the recipient of the bad behavior respond appropriately, addressing the issues as opposed becoming angry with the attacker. 

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