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Can You Compel Your Employees To Show Up?

It is difficult to conceive why an employer would be required to defend its attendance policy in court.  Unfortunately, many employees have challenged their employers' position that showing up to work on time is an essential function of the job.  In a recent Ninth Circuit case, Monika Samper challenged her employer's attendance policy.  Samper v. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Case 10-35811 (9th Cir. Apr.

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Did You Remember to Pay Your Taxes Yesterday?

Jared Callister, a tax attorney in our office, was interviewed by John Malos yesterday on a host of tax issues.  I think you will find the interview interesting.  (Yes, even taxes can be interesting!)  Check him out at

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AB 1831 - "Ban the Box"

The National Employment Law Project ("NELP") and other organizations and persons are engaging in a campaign called "Ban the Box."  The project title refers to the box on an employment questionnaire that asks, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" 

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It's Here! The Supreme Court Issues The Brinker Decision

At 10 am today, the California Supreme Court issued its 54 page decision in Brinker.  The case was filed in 2004 by employees who challenged the company's meal and rest period practices.  The case presented a number of legal issues.  However, foremost among the issues is whether or not an employer is required to provide and ensure compliance with meal and rest periods, or whether the employer is required only to make them available to employees. 

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