Paid Sick Time Is Really A Free Pass From Work

I spent last Thursday morning discussing the new state mandated paid sick leave law with clients.  After learning how easy it is for an employee to take time off and how an employer can't question the time off, one client blurted out, "It's not sick leave, it's a free day off of work!"  He is right!  Paid sick leave is really PTO, without any limitations. 

I had lunch with my son after the meeting.  We sat next to two 30 something year olds.  We enjoyed listening to their discussion.  They first complained that the boss doesn't understand they want more time off instead of more money.  Yet, a few minutes later they were griping about their pay.  Then one of them said since he had sick leave on the books, and he never took time off, he called in sick and then left on vacation.  Then he added, "Not that I'm going to tell anyone I did that." 

No workplace is immune from employees taking advantage of benefits.  Now, with the state-mandated sick leave, employees will be able to manipulate these three days off each year, without employer interference.  Isn't it great to know you now are compelled to pay employees for not working!