1st Grade Harassers

Thank goodness for the swift disciplinary action taken by administrators at a Colorado elementary school!  A six year old boy kissed the girl on whom he has a crush!  His mom said that the girl had feelings for her son.  But the girl’s mom said it was unwanted.    

So the administrators labeled the act “sexual harassment” until public criticism.  Now the act is labeled “misconduct.” 

Sexual harassment is “unwanted” severe or pervasive behavior based on sex.  Perhaps the administrators knew that under California law, as of 2014 sex harassment need not be motivated by a sexual desire.  But can a six year old even think that way?  I’m not sure informing a six year old he is a sexual harasser is the correct way of handling the situation.  How about telling him, “She doesn’t want you to touch her, and that includes kissing.  Can you stop before you get into trouble”?  Or was that too soft? 

The boy is quoted as saying, “They sent me to the office, fair and square. I did something wrong, and I feel sorry."  Sounds like he got the message!