Californa 9/11 Funds Raided By Politicians

In a move that is shocking, even by Sacramento standards, the Associated Press has revealed that a special account initially established to help fund scholarships for the California victims of 9/11 and their families has been raided for general government purposes.

After the 2001 terrorists attacked, Sacramento established a specialty memorial license plate emblazoned with the words, "We Will Never Forget."  Fifteen percent of funds raised were to fund scholarships for victims' families and the rest was to help fund anti-terrorism efforts. 

Since 2001, $15 million has been collected--of those funds raised, only $21,381 has reached the children and spouses of the three dozen California residents killed in the 9/11 attacks. 

On closer examination, it has been revealed that these funds are not being used to fund scholarships or anti-terrorism efforts but rather are being used as normal general funds dollars.  For instance, Gov. Schwarzenegger and Gov. Brown borrowed a combined $3 million dollars from the fund in order to fill budget deficits--loans which have yet to be repaid.